• LocationLegends of Backwoods Folklore
  • Squad Number17


Pumpkinhead can seemingly only be invoked by those who are truly pressed to take revenge (Or at least that’s been the case before), at the cost of a small amount of money delivered to the witch who is able to awaken him. Part of the reason for Pumpkinhead’s name is the fact he is kept buried in a large mound in a pumpkin patch. Pumpkinhead usually must be unearthed either by the witch or the summoner, and at that point needs a bit of blood from the summoner (Plus magic words from the witch) to awaken, from that point the demon carries out whatever task he was invoked for. As this task goes on, the summoner takes on more Pumpkinhead-like qualities, and the demon likewise. None of the films have shown what happens when Pumpkinhead fully completes his task, as the films’ summoners have all died before the revenge is complete. Only the willing death of the summoner will stop the demon in this case, causing the Pumpkinhead to die, and the summoner to become a new demon, having his/her soul stuck in limbo. If the summoner is killed by someone else, the Pumpkinhead will come after remaining victims the next time it is summoned.

The Pumpkinhead can be brought forth by multiple summoners, in such cases the Pumpkinhead will be stronger and larger unless some of the multiple summoners are killed, in which case it will shrink, until one is left, leaving the monster at the normal size. If all but one summoner is killed, the final one is able to sacrifice themself, which will bring about normal circumstances.


  1. Pumpkinhead (1989)
  2. Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994)
  3. Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006)
  4. Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud (2007)

Death Toll: unkown