Samara Morgan

  • Born (age)
  • Locationunknown
  • Squad Number11


Samara was born to a woman named Evelyn in 1970. Her father’s identity remains unknown, but it is possible she inherited her powers from him. Evelyn went to a hospital run by nuns eight months pregnant. She gave birth to Samara but found that her baby would not cry. Samara apparently told her that a demon was born inside her and the only way to be rid of it was to drown her in a pond outside. Whether or not this was Evelyn’s own psyche or Samara’s powers telling her to do this remains unknown. A nun spotted Evelyn attempting to drown Samara and led a group of nuns to stop her. Samara was put up for adoption whilst Evelyn was sent to an asylum.

Popular Films

  1. The Ring (2002)
  2. The Ring 2 (2005)

Death Toll:  unknown